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Click the photo to download a PDF of the peanut butter cup ice cream pie recipe as a thank you for stopping by. 

We Know What You Want to See

Odyssey Entertainment Worldwide is a one-of-a-kind entertainment company. We cast only the most naturally intrepid talent for unique and provocative productions. We take adventure to new levels by pushing the boundaries of imagination and the limits of creativity.


Relative to virtually all other entertainment content, our productions are an odyssey unto themselves. We take cast members and viewers on epic adventures most people would never dare fantasize of, like Homer’s Odyssey.


First published in 700 B.C., The Odyssey tells the tale of Greek King Odysseus’s epic journey home after the Trojan War. Many consider Homer’s Odyssey one of the greatest stories ever written and we strive to live up to that ideal.


Odyssey was born from a desire to produce unparalleled 

entertainment that blends together all the elements viewers 

crave. We look for things that are great by themselves and

even better when blended together, like chocolate and

peanut butter. We then go further in working to

create a new sensation, like peanut-butter cup ice cream.


With rare exception, virtually all the so-called “entertainment” the movie and TV industries insist on churning out lack both realism and authenticity. Most of what comes out of Hollywood seems intentionally created for the sole purpose of mindless entertainment with no intellectual value. Examples include ridiculous car chases that defy the laws of physics and dramatized reality shows that have no bases in actual reality. At Odyssey, we do things differently.


Odyssey picks up where other productions leave off by taking a multi-pronged approach to creating truly mind-blowing content. We create sweeping sagas by blending non-stop adventure with heart-pounding action combined with classy, nonpornographic adult content while leaving out all of the typical Hollywood phoniness, drama and hypocrisy so viewers never feel bored, disappointed or cheated.


At Odyssey our promise to you is simple and straightforward: to take you to places you have always wanted to go, immersing you in real action and true adventure all while never disappointing you by leaving out the good parts.

Odyssey Entertainment Worldwide offers safe amateur porn jobs for women.

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