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Nude woman swiming with dolphin.
No Makeup. No Clothes. No Reservations. 

Currently Auditioning Women From All Backgrounds and All Walks of Life


As a woman, if you have ever fantasized about working in the adult-entertainment industry, but haven't known how to get started or have been discouraged by the depersonalized and sleazy vibes most adult films give off, you are encouraged to audition for Odyssey's current production. Odyssey produces mind-blowing content that includes adult subject matter presented in a classy way without the degrading and depersonalized aspects of typical “porno” films.

Odyssey is conducting a talent search for new female faces with little to no published content interested in breaking into the adult industry in a tasteful, dignified, exciting and fresh new way. This bold new reality series seeks daring and adventurous everyday women from all backgrounds and all walks of life, from sales associates and waitresses, housekeepers and bookkeepers, models and dancers, office workers and factory workers, administrative assistants and C-level professionals and all women in between ready for a big change, new challenges and the adventure of a lifetime.

Woman Light Sport Airplane
Women SCUBA diving nude
Bow Huntress in Snowstorm
Woman in bikini sailing yacht

This project provides a full profit-sharing model with a seven-figure potential of over a million dollars. The project also offers total freedom from the constraints and obligations of daily life while challenging you in new and exciting ways you may have never imagined possible. Among other activities, participants will learn to fly a plane, SCUBA dive, hunt, fish and sail a yacht. All expenses, including travel, training and accommodations while shooting, will be paid.


Carefully review all the images on our Pintrest page. If you can honestly say you can see yourself involved in all of those situations and the project sounds like it might be a fit, go to our "Current Projects" page for more details and instructions on how to begin the audition process. Best of luck!

Odyssey Entertainment Worldwide is conducting

porn stars hiring in Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, California and

worldwide. We are hiring adult talent including hiring adult models and

hiring porn actresses and offer the best porn jobs for women in the adult film industry.

A big shout out and special “Thank You” to Unholy Jobs for featuring our job ad and posting it to their X (Twitter) account!

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